Accreditation Partner

Accreditation Partner

It is necessary for recent days to have an accreditation certification by the registered organizations. Education hubs quite predominantly need these sorts of certifications for people to believe in the quality of education they provide to the next generations.
An accredited institute gets much more fame, loyalty, brand value, and importance when it comes to the students’ point of view. Even the parents do look for and prefer to get their children admitted under the accredited educational institutes.

It brings along the trust factor which works the most effectively especially for educational organizations.

Do the Companies Prefer Hiring Candidates Through an Accredited Institute?:
Ohh yes, off course! They do that. The companies with whom we are tied-up and even the rest do look for accredited institutes when it comes to hiring or short listing candidates. The accredited institutes follow certain rules, maintain specific decorum and standards that when it gets turned into building up a student's professional career, the whole thing impacts a lot.
The pass-outs from an accredited institute found much more disciplined and skilful, and as a result, they get more preferences in the job interviews. This factor is truly essential when it comes to job oriented courses.

Why Choose OweIndia Accreditation?:
There are certain reasons why one should choose Owe India for their "Accreditation Partner".

  • Cheaper
    First of all, when you look for partnering with Owe India, you'll only need to make an investment of 2,999 Rupees as a one-time investment. You cash the benefits for the lifetime by just paying a very little amount of accreditation fees.
  • Faster
    The accreditation process takes a few day's to complete. You'll have to send an email to Owe India stating all the setup configuration of your institute and paying 2999 Rs to their official bank account.
    That's all! You're all set to own an accredited training institute and start taking admissions for the same.
  • Reliability
    Owe India has been in the training/ teaching field for years, they are highly reliable. So instead of looking out for any further options, one can definitely go with our services.
  • Scale-up
    You don't need to run behind for accreditation for your other branches, as OweIndia allows your education business to get a full-fledged accreditation. This way, you can scale up your business to multiple levels.
  • The Fastest ROI
    The accreditation licenses are issued by OweIndia, they examine and analyses each and every detail of your centre. If your centre is eligible for the license, they accept your application sent earlier.
    It doesn't take much time to get back whatever you'll be investing in the business to get accredited. We have an existing track record of providing our partners with the fastest ROI. Thus, making an investment for the accreditation is worth it when it is Owe India!