About Us

About (OWE)

Open Window Education India, an extensively advanced educational center that has started its journey a few years ago with a dedicated team of IT and management experts. Our professionals have shown successive growth while training our students and making them industry-ready. Our dream is to leverage job opportunities to the youth, to the housewives, and make them eligible to earn a good monthly income by becoming self-sufficient and serving the society.

It's not that our main aim is to just create jobs for them, but also to build them in the right way so that they can become the future of our country. We believe in quality education that teaches one how to serve society with new technologies and sharing knowledge with the next generation. That is why we still maintain good contacts with the students who are passed out from our institution and currently working with the Top MNCs. They keep visiting our center from time to time, mentoring our students and sharing their industry experience to the ones who need it the most. Even we arrange video classes and online live sessions where our students working in other countries share their expertise and train our students on the latest technologies that are in great demand. We wish to maintain the same trend in the coming days too when our current students crack the interviews and get placed in the top companies.

Sharing is the Key to Success:
We have been in the industry for the past few years and have seen many companies getting started and taking over others with their innovative efforts and dedication. While training our students, we analyze all the real-time facts and discuss the technologies they have used to overcome barriers. So when our students complete the educational part from Owe India, they not only know the technology well but also are equipped with industrial skills and have the idea to discover new ways with innovations.
Only theoretical knowledge could not be able to make them strong enough to sustain in the industry and handle crisis situations. That is why while training them, we create an on-job training model where they are trained through working in a real-time environment and learn things practically, just the way it happens in the companies. This all becomes possible as our trainers and mentors share their practical experience with the students and help to create an industry environment even during the training phases.

Talking About Our Future Plans:
We already have managed to get tie-ups with the top-level IT giants in Mathura and other cities in our country. Also, there have been a lot of requirements coming from overseas companies. Our aim is to devote our efforts completely to the development of the society where we can manage arranging placements for all the interested candidates who are in need of jobs. For this, we have been offering many affordable fees from the students. We understand the need of the hour, and so are offering discounted fees structure to the housewives who aim to stand on their own and create their own footprints in society. We also help the meritorious students with scholarships, those who are interested to learn the latest technologies but aren't able to manage the course fee charged in the other training institutes.
We hope that we keep continuing the journey for years to come, and serve society the same way, right from the beginning till now, and in the future!